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July 2023 Wallpapers

Hi lovely people! I hope you all had a wonderful June. It's been a stressful week for me but I'm back with some new July wallpapers for you all. This month, we have 17 different wallpapers in 3 font options. Enjoy! :)

Click here to download (Google Drive)





sadly these are 2022 :(


I love your wallpapers! I told my friends about them and now they use them. Kayla that commented on this is one of them lol.


I absolutely love this months wallpapers but I was curious if you were going to start making youtube videos again. I used to love watching them once a month and eagerly waited for them but since you stopped making them about a year ago I haven’t been able to enjoy them! If it isn’t too personal to ask I would love to know why you stopped making videos or if you are going to start making them regularly again in the future.


any chance you can pls also share the wallpapers each month without the calendars bc they are stunning images as standalones as well; ty!!


could you please make some brown wallpapers for august? thank you :)

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