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New 2024-25 Midyear Planners!

New stickers, covers + layouts!

December 2022 Wallpapers

December is my favourite month of the year so I'm especially excited to bring you some cozy wallpapers to amp up the holiday vibes! This month, I've prepared 18 wallpapers in 4 different styles. 

Click here to download (Google Drive)




I like the pictures but I hate the font! It is so cringe!!!


been coming back for the wallpapers since when the old website was still up- have been using them for long and love them so much! Thank you sm for all the work!


I love these so much! I come back every single month, please don’t stop sharing these. Cannot wait to see January! :) <3


Thanks! All of them are so stunning!


loveeeee youuu thankyouuu for thisssssss

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