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June 2023 Wallpapers

Hi friends! It's time for June wallpapers! I prepared a smaller collection this month as I'm focusing most of my time on the new upcoming 2023-24 midyear planners, which are launching in just a couple weeks. This month, we have 12 different wallpapers in 3 font options! Enjoy! :)

Click here to download (Google Drive)




i absolutely love them!! they are so cute, but it would be so fun if all of these pictures could be also a stand alone, without calender, so i could use it all year lonng<33

Vishal Hiwase



so happy to have found your blog! these wallpapers are lovely!


Thank you for your work, it’s my every-month wallpaper!!


Hi – thank you so so much for these! They’re absolutely gorgeous! <3

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