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New 2024-25 Midyear Planners!

New stickers, covers + layouts!

June 2024 Wallpapers

Hello everyone! I'm getting ready to launch our new 2024-25 Midyear Digital Planners on Wednesday, June 5, so thank you for all your patience with the June wallpapers! 😊

This month, we have 16 different wallpapers in 3 font options. Monday and Sunday start included. Wallpapers are available on desktop, tablet, and phone.

Enjoy and don't forget to share on IG so I can reshare your setup!

Click here to download (Google Drive)



Beautiful like always!! thank you so much <3


I’ve been using your wallpapers for a year now! Love them!


If you can’t access Google Drive, right click on the image you want and open in a new tab and save the image that way :)


I just wanted to say huge thank you. I love each and every of them! It’s hard to choose one!


love seeing your wallpapers every month, but these landscapes are seriously breathtaking! thank you as always for making these ♥

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