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New 2024-25 Midyear Planners!

New stickers, covers + layouts!

March 2024 Wallpapers

Spring is coming! I hope everyone is ready for some brighter colours and flowers 🌸 This month, we have 16 wallpapers in 3 font options... and an option for SUNDAY START!

You can also check out the other blog post for a few more spring wallpaper options. Enjoy! :)

Click here to download (Google Drive)




This month’s options were so hard to choose from I ended up changing my desktop every week lool the vibes were vibing.


SOOOOOOOO gorgeous! Thank you SOO MUCH <3 <3 <3


I have to congratulate you for this month’s wallpapers. The pictures you have selected are just elite. SO much good taste. I absolutetly fell in love with a lot of them and now it’s so hard to choose one to use a desktop wallpaper. I was listening to “August” by TS and the vibes!!!! inmaculatee


Sunday starts are a GAME CHANGER!!! THANK YOU!!!


I always love your monthly wallpapers! Thank you SO MUCH for the Sunday starts! These are always my go-to wallpapers for all of my devices!

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