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New 2024-25 Midyear Planners!

New stickers, covers + layouts!

2024 Portrait Digital Planner

JAN 2024 - DEC 2024

$10.99 Regular price $18.99


Please note that this is a digital download. You will receive a download link to the file via email. No physical items will be shipped. No refunds or exchanges.


Introducing the new portrait 2024 Digital Planner! Get organized in 2024 with this customizable yet minimalist planner that is intuitive and non-overwhelming to use. Along with several design upgrades, the 2024 planners now include 5 tab colours and a brand new option for Apple Calendar/Google Calendar & Reminders integration. The planner sports clean lines and non-distracting designs to ensure that your planning personality is always at the forefront of the page. Monday & Sunday start included.

*Please note that this is a shortcut that allows you to easily add events and information to your calendars and reminders from your digital planner, but these apps and your planner do not sync in any way.

Planner Features


• Portrait Orientation, Light Mode
• Includes 5 tab colours: Black, Soft Grey, Frost, Rose, Pastel
• Optional Calendars & Reminders integration included in download
• Mini December 2023 planner is included so you can start planning right away.


• January 2024 - December 2024 hyperlinked yearly overview
• Key Dates page and hyperlinked vertical calendar overview
• 3 Monthly Calendars per month so you can plan areas of your life separately
• Intuitive weekly and daily hyperlinks from monthly calendars
• Easily switch between 3 weekly layouts (Classic, Vertical, Box)
• Choose between Hourly or Half-Hourly versions
• Previous and next week buttons to jump between weeks
• Choose between classic scheduled daily pages or bullet journal style grid/dotted
• 6 AM - 11 PM schedule


• Vision Board, Monthly Notes, Goal-Setting, Wellness (Activity/Habit Tracker, Sleep Tracker, Symptom Tracker), Finance (Budgeting, Subscriptions Tracker), Reflection


• 12 notepad sections
• 16 paper templates including Grid Lined, Dotted, Blank with Cornell variations, Isometric and Hexagonal


• V1 everyday stickers in 5 colours
• V2 everyday stickers
• Fun creative mood tracking stickers with pre-drawn Moodlets (by yours truly!)
•Stickers come in Goodnotes Elements files &Individual PNG files
• Selection of neutral planner covers and matching shortcut icons for further customization

Included Files

• [1] .ZIP file that contains 2 PDF files (one for 2024, one for Dec 2023) with various direct download links to planner files, stickers, covers, etc.

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Refund Policy

No refunds or exchanges are accepted due to the nature of digital downloads.

2024 Portrait Digital Planner

$10.99 USD Regular price $18.99 USD

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I must say as a very resistant person to start using planners as an interactive .pdf I got positively impressed by how easy it was to start using it in my iPad. I did some research as to which form, either ladscape or portrait mode would be best and based on some videos I could also have some look and feel of the experience when people were using it, so I decided to take a shot. Despite some glitches (whether from good notes app or not) you have a learning curve since you will realize you end up having your favorite pages that you will use more often than others. Its a bit overwhelming to see so many different templates for another 100's of purposes. I put in my head: this is my one stop place to write all my notes and things started to flow better. Would I buy the 24-25 version when it comes out? Probably yes.

Monique Vincent
Love!! Total game changer!

This planner has everything you could possibly need to stay organised and the functionality is awesome. Highly recommend.

The BEST planner ever!

As a newbie to digital planning this is my first purchase from Good Mondays and wow it certainly won’t be my last! The planner design and layout is amazing and has absolutely everything you need without being overwhelming. The integration with iCal is superb and an absolute game changer! Janice also gave me the most wonderful customer service for my personalisation with no extra charge - she was so patient with me deciding exactly what I wanted and I’m absolutely made up with my 2024 planner that is perfect just for me 🥰 if you’re in the market for a new digital planner, this is the absolute ONE!

Perfect Planner

This is my 3rd year using these planners. They are perfect! So much space and flexibility to organise all parts of my life. Having monthly, weekly and daily views helps me keep track of all parts of my life. And the minimalist and clean aesthetic is perfection!

I use the planner on Noteshelf on Android (while we wait for Goodnotes) and it works amazing. Best planner I've found!

Also, Janine is so generous with customising the planner to best suit your needs!! Will always buy these.

Katie Wright
Most fabulous planner available

The most perfect digital planner available. Beautifully designed, aesthetically pleasing layouts and superb hyperlink integration. Incredible value for money with a choice of colours and layouts and unlimited downloads. The designer’s customer service and attention to detail is second to none. This is my third year using her planners and I hope she will keep making them for many years to come! I’d be lost without my planner and get a great deal of pleasure from organising my days with it. Thank you Janice! xx

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