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New 2024-25 Midyear Planners!

New stickers, covers + layouts!

February 2024 Wallpapers

Happy February, everyone! I had quite a bit of fun this past week making some calligraphy and heart patterned wallpapers. I definitely challenged myself when it came to calligraphy but I like how everything turned out! This month, choose from 3 calligraphy and 3 patterned styles, as well as 10 of the "usual" wallpapers in 3 font options. Enjoy! :)

Click here to download (Google Drive)





nice calendar here


hi!!! i was wondering, what font di you use for the hadnwriten/calligraphy style? thanks :)


thank you so much <3


LOVE!! The heart ones are so cute, would be great for each month honestly!


Absolutely love these! Any chance next month we could have some that don’t have the calendar in?

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